It seems like Nate Silver has gone full negative on the Obama campaign.  For the first time EVER (that i have seen) he views the President's chances of reelection at LESS (61.1%) than the traders on Intrade (who are at 61.2%).  He used to be 5-20 points ahead of the Intrade crowd.

He actually had the nerve to say that today may have been Romney's best day ever.


Today, Obama led in 2 national polls RAND and TIPP (where he gained almost 6 points in the past 2 days), while Romney led in Rasmussen and Gallup (whose week long sample still includes Obama's trrble day last Friday).  According to Talking Points Memo, Romney's lead in national polls has fallen almost a whole point, from 2.7% to 1.9% in the last few days.

Even the state polls released today weren't that bad.  A Romney lead by 1 in a Colorado poll (a state Obama over performed in 2008) and a 4 point Romney lead in New Hampshire.

Are these great numbers?   No.  But they don't suggest the negativity and ridiculous statements about Romney's best day ever.

As i said in an earlier diary, after Joe Biden's stellar debate performance enthuses Democrats, Obama will be in the lead in most polls by next Tuesday (before the debate!)

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