Rob Zerban is running for Congress to replace Paul Ryan in the 1st District of Wisconsin, which lies in the far southeast corner of the state. I don't live in his district and have never had the opportunity to hear him speak in person, but all I've read suggests that he is a hard-working, honorable, and thoughtful person who would make an excellent member of Congress. Last night he sent an email to his list that confirmed that assumption.

Paul Ryan is in the interesting position of being on the ballot twice in this fall's election, for both Congress and the vice presidency. For some time now we have been hearing that Ryan is just too busy to debate Zerban even once during their campaign for the congressional seat. Not too busy to appear at a high-priced fundraiser in Milwaukee, a few minutes' drive from the 1st District, but far too involved in a national election to face his challenger and defend the seat he has held since 1999. (He has bought significant airtime for ads, though.)

The Zerban email mentioned first that Ryan had asked that the moderator call him "Mister Ryan" rather than "Congressman" during the debate with Joe Biden. How curious. Then came Rob's statement that really put things in perspective:

I'd like to say something to Paul Ryan: If you are ashamed of being called "Congressman," then we will be happy to take that title away from you. It would be the greatest honor in my life to serve the people of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District.
The greatest honor of his life to serve the people of Wisconsin. I hope this decent man gets his chance. Paul Ryan doesn't seem to want it anymore.


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