Whatever you are doing right now, stop and have a good thought or say a prayer or light a candle or whatever it is you do to honor and request assistance for a special person, 15 year old Malala Yousafzai. She needs it. She's in ICU in Pakistan after being gunned down while riding her school bus because she dared to speak out and demand an education and those who attacked her are threatening to finish the job and/or harm her family for daring to question their right to control other people and women in particular.

Please get well, Malala, the world needs people with your strength, passion and leadership...

WOW! Clerics in Pakistan have issued a Fatwa against the Taliban. Islam desperately needs a symbol in it's fight against its extremist practiioners, and Malala just might be it. She's still hanging on in her battle to live. One can only hope she does...

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