This one is going to be short. I saw in this and other diaries how the opposition likes to put up hateful billboards across our nation's highways. We don't do this as often as they do, if at all (I have never seen a pro-Dem billboard in NC, but that's just my personal experience...)

Suppose some of these billboards are cheap to rent from now until November 6th. Suppose we could get a few billboards funded in swing states. These things are seen by thousands of drivers every DAY. Maybe these will reach low-information voters in the same way that the right-wing ads do. Wanna try?

- If you have any specific empty billboards that we could look at, post their locations and the corresponding phone numbers here. It looks like Florida needs some billboard lovin, and I know it would be nice to see something up in NC as well. I'm interested in getting a billboard in OH, NC, FL, WI, or any other state where the race is close.

- Is there any data that shows a correlation between this type of advertising and its effect on voters? What kind of effect, if any, can we expect to get from this? I think its important to counter the right-wing BS no matter what, since it is easy for some voters to think that our point isn't valid because they only see the GOP messages all day...

- Can someone setup a PayPal or ActBlue or something that is a) secure, b) trusted to pool our money for a billboard buy?

- Lets try to find the cheap boards first before jumping on one that will cost thousands of $. At that point we need to ask ourselves if that money is better spent going into actual campaign budgets. If people are interested, lets spend the next two days scouting out billboards, and then I can add a poll in a new diary for us to select one or two to rent.

- For the love of God, please do NOT use Impact font on the ad design. As you can see from the linked Diary, Impact should stay in the realm of hasty Photoshops. Helvetica is a universally accepted font, and I can suggest some other nice fonts that may look great when scaled to this size. I don't recommend any sort of fancy Serif font. Remember, drivers will only have a few seconds to read the sign, so lets keep it simple.

- The message should be short and easy to spot in 5 seconds or less.

"GM is alive. Osama Bin Laden is dead."
"Protect Big Bird & PBS. Vote Obama."
"Protect Medicare. Vote Obama."
"Mitt: Sent X jobs to China"
"Keep government out of MY vagina! Vote Obama." (IDK if you can say "vagina" on a billboard...)
"Vote for equal rights. Vote Obama."
(Romney and Ebenezer Scrooge images) "Mitt: Bah, Humbug to 47% of you!"
"Mitt: He doesn't care about 47% of you."

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