Romney's bounce amongst independents is fading.  I think this shows that the race is close, but Obama still slightly ahead.  More evidence that Nate Silver's prediction showing Obama inching back up is real.

IBD/TIPP 2012 Presidential Election
Daily Tracking Poll

Day 5: Oct. 13, 2012

Obama: +0.7
Obama 46.4% | Romney 45.7%

    In a further sign of a tight presidential race, the results remained unchanged in our most recent sounding of likely voters.
    The bounce that took place immediately after Romney's strong performance in the debate with Obama seems to have diminished.
    There have been no major shifts among demographic groups with one big exception. Among independents, who make up about 28% of all voters, Romney's edge is down to 8 points from 20 points just four days earlier.

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