From here and here  we see that President Obama is up 51 to 46 in Ohio.
CNN and Marist have the President at 51% in Ohio as well. This was the high water mark for Willard. Now, PPP found that 19 % of Ohio's registered voters have already voted. Among them, the President won 76% to 24%. So, what must Willard do among the remaining voters in order to beat us there ?

below the squiggle : :-)

So, we set up the proportion :

.19 * .52 = .81 * x

x = 12 %.

So, Willard must win the remaining votes by 12 %.
Not. going. to. happen.

And Willard has no credible, realistic path to 270 Electoral College votes without Ohio.

So, let's donate, call, and get our voters to the polls.

Gravis hoodwinked Nate. But the reality is that we are ahead in pretty much every swing state.

He will catch up to reality. by November 7.

7:25 PM PT: McLaughlin (polling for George Allen in Virginia) has Willard up 7. Nobody else has anything close to that number. And now Nate has Virginia as light pink and favors Willard to win it. No wonder Nate is confused. And his model is confused.

Laughable mistake by Nate.

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