If I get enough response,
here at Daily Kos,
or maybe even if I don't,
I intend to write a series of these
B. C. C.,
build a chicken coop,

This is a good way,
according to my wife,
this is a good way
to say what I really want to say,
about overpopulation,
by giving you,
my readers,
a partial solution,
something you can do,
right now,
to make the world a better place.

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 Over one third of all clients (36 percent) report having visited a food pantry at least every month in
the year prior to data collection. These clients also report that they visited a food pantry for more
than 28 consecutive months, on average.  

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 To date, "Fighting Hunger Together" has provided more than $122 million in grants and 594 million pounds of food to communities. By 2015, we will donate more than 1.1 billion pounds of food from Walmart stores, distribution centers and Sam’s Club locations, valued at $1.75 billion, award $250 million in grants to support hunger relief organizations at the local, state and national levels, and collaborate with government, food manufacturers, other foundations and corporations to better understand and fight the issue of hunger in America.  

I work at a Walmart store.

I saw,
in my Walmart workplace,
combo packs of two and three large boxes of cereal,
wrapped up together in plastic,
with logos such as those you saw at the above link,
logos for Walmart,
General Mills,
big logos across the bottom,
on the back of the huge package of cereal boxes.

That's why I came home and looked up these websites.

If you read the above info,
you get a picture of millions of Americans,
going to food pantries,
to get free food,
every month,
many of them with jobs,
many of them on food stamps,
going back every month,
planning on it,
depending on it.

But what kind of food are they getting?



My wife and I went to a food pantry about a year ago.

They gave us a 10 pound sack of potatoes,
5 pound sack of flour,
10 cans of veggies and soups,
one can of meat,
two boxes of pasta,
2 jars of spaghetti sauce,
one box of pancake mix,
pancake syrup,
and a 5 pound bag of chocolate covered corn nuts.

They also gave us dried apricots,
and a frozen chicken.

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 Foods such as meat, fish and poultry are considered complete proteins, because they contain all the essential amino acids. Other animal-based foods, such as dairy products and eggs, are also considered complete proteins. Plant-based foods contain a variety of amino acids, but with the exception of soybeans and quinoa, do not contain all 10 amino acids at once. Such foods are considered incomplete proteins. Plant-based sources of amino acids include corn, beans, rice, legumes and nuts. Vegetarians can obtain adequate daily intake of amino acids by consuming a variety of these plant-based protein sources.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/...  


While many folks swear
they are super healthy,
without any animal protein,
they apparently are buying rather expensive
plant protein,
including soy and quinoa.

Those if us living on the edge of poverty
simply cannot afford such things.

I eat hot dogs that I buy from my Walmart for $1 per pound,
and cheese from Sam's Club for $2.24 per pound.

When my wife and I build our chicken coop,
and raise our hens,
and gather the eggs,
we'll have very low priced protein,
with all ten essential amino acids.

I want everyone in America,
especially those who get so much carbohydrates from food pantries each month,
I want them all to build chicken coops,
I want them all to eat eggs.

In future diaries,
I'll elaborate on the contraception goals,
the low birth rate goals,
within the B. C. C.,
build a chicken coop,

I have a lot to say,
about educating women and girls,
about birth rates,
about famines,
about what has failed,
and what has worked.

But when I read what anyone writes
about any big challenge
facing humankind,
such as global climate change,
I want to read about solutions,
what can I do now?

When you read my diaries,
I'll always have something you can do.

One thing is in the title of the diaries,
build a chicken coop.

The other is in the link in my sig line.

And I will write about more you can do,
more that must be done.

But those two,
from my title and my sig line,
those will give you a place to start.

Thanks for reading.  

Link to chicken coop pictures and plans:


Link to list of chicken breeds:  


Thanks for clicking,
thanks for looking.

I hope many, many of us follow through,
and end up eating eggs.

We can discuss further steps
in rescuing civilization from certain doom,
as we munch on eggs over easy,
cooked in bacon fat,
with a pinch of salt.

Then we'll thank each other for the encouragement,
not just
thanks for reading.

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