Readers are outraged after learning that the AP and others have failed to mention the marital status of a Female soldier killed in the line of duty, while at the same time reporting the 'normal' marriages.

An article that failed to report a slain female soldier being survived by a wife after she was killed by a Taliban suicide bomber has sparked outrage among readers who've accused the report as being 'homophobic' and insensitive.

Having listed the surviving wives of two other male soldiers who died alongside Sgt. Donna R. Johnson in Afghanistan, all whom were national guards from North Carolina, the report by the Associated Press struck major chords with readers.

With the end of DADT, one would think we have moved past this kind of thing, but alas... no. Here is what they reported:

Johnson, 29, joined the guard in August 2006 and was deployed to Iraq in 2007.

Hardison, 23, entered the military in May 2006 and deployed to Iraq in 2009. He is survived by a wife.

Butler, 25, joined in June 2007 and was on his first combat deployment. He was a married father.

The problem is, Johnson had a same sex spouse.

After much complaint the AP decided to update their story with this:

‘Johnson was a former state prison guard and a military police officer and had worked in bomb training at Fort Bragg,’ the update read.

‘Her family said in a statement they want to remember Johnson “as a mission focused professional who gave her life serving her country and performing a job that she loved and excelled at.”

She 'was a reserved and private person who had a close group of friends” and four dogs. She is survived by her spouse, Tracy Dice.’

Notice they still saved the spouse for last? After the dog count?

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