What morons!!!!   Would this school have denied Laura Bush.   They claim it was against school policy however this action, IMO was just stupid !!!  They claimed a political visit.  Well, how many third graders do you know that are registered to vote?

I guess stupid in Virginia is as racist as stupid in Florida.

Get out the vote...Get on the the ground.   Make those phone calls and please donate as little as 3 bucks because stupid does not need a leader.  Mitt Romney would be such a leader in more dumbing down and denying children an opportunity of seeing The First Lady of the United States,   This is a Public School and not privately funded.
I am at a loss for words except ..PLEASE GOTV.   GROUND GAME ON !!!!

I am broke and contributing to the campaign so I urge everyone who was appalled at how that idiot republican backer treated the disabled vet when saying he should have died..Send 3 or 5 dollars for that guy.  Send three or five dollars for this outrage of denying the FLOTUS a visit to a bunch of school kids.  Just do it !!!!!

If some are tired of me harping about GOTV..LOL, I warned you back in June, I would be harping on it day and night, diary after diary.

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