Big Bird wants you to vote!  With photo here.
Not for himself/herself of course. But for his friends on Sesame Street.
We have reached a critical point in this election season and your vote is important- but first you must be registered.  If you are registered- make certain that all your friends on Facebook are also registered.
I , like you, receive up to 6 e mails per day from the Obama campaign asking for money.  This message asks that you contact your friends.
In 2008 the election was close and Obama won.   In 2010 students stayed home and the Tea Party won.  For example, Ohio’s student voter participation dropped from 69 % to 22 %,  Wisconsin’s from 66 % to 19 percent, and Florida’s from 61 % to 19%.
The result was a strong conservative take over of these states and devastating cuts to schools, child care, police protection and social services.  And now Mitt Romney wants to cut Big Bird.
We need each member of the Progressive Alliance to copy this message, or write your own.  Send it to all your Friends on Face book.
You may be registered, but chances are 20 -40% of your friends are not- or they have moved since the last election and need to re register.  For California residents the final day to register is October 22,2012.
The voter registration application is at RegisterToVote.ca.gov.
The last day to register to vote for the November 6 general election is October 22.
See prior post on student voting and despair.

For those outside of California there are a number of on line ways to register.  Here is one. http://vote.barackobama.com/...
Please take this action today.  There is much to discuss on the election.  There are good posts on why  you and your friends  should register at can the Progressive Alliance at www.sacramentopa.blogspot.com
Next week we will be back asking you to take yet another step.  For Progressive Alliance members who wish to contribute ideas on how to use our resources to get out the vote, please post your ideas on our Facebook pages.
Big Bird is counting on you.
Duane Campbell
Electoral Chair . Progressive Alliance

If you have ideas on increasing the education level and vote turnout, please share them.

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