So all pretense is being dropped.  In African -American neighborhoods here in Cincinnati and in Cleveland as in other areas of Ohio these billboards have suddenly appeared.  

Clearly these billboards are not intended to inform, they are intend to strike fear into people about the very thought of voting, lest they be prosecuted for something they might be unaware of.

As Ohio's early voting law awaits review by the US Supreme Court, we have yet  another example of the underlying strategy.  Cut off access to early voting as much as possible, create confusion about when and how you can vote, and then to top it off, create fear about voting as well.

Across the state Boards of Elections are being faced with challenges of people's right to vote.  People are being sent official letters demanding that they appear and defend their registration, often during working hours.

The people who put this billboard up have no shame.  They just want to win.

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