This is more a question for the community than a diary. I'll keep this brief.

After watching Rachel Maddow try to talk Robert Gibbs into focusing on the Republican deficit fallacy in their tax cutting arithmetic I'm growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of focus on growth.

Imagined growth is Romney's fudge factor, the bullshit, the trick that allows him to claim that he can cut taxes by 20% across the board, not raise taxes on the middle class, not increase the deficit, and not take away credits like home mortgage interest etc.

I've yet to see anyone quantify how much economic growth would be needed to make Romney's multiple claims add up. To me it's the key to pinning him down, and dispelling the myth of trickle down. Is it 5%, 8%, 10% annual growth? And for how many years?

Have any of you seen anything out there that critically looks at these growth assumptions? If so please add them in the comments.

Hoping POB has a great night tomorrow. Thanks.

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