I know there are lots of stressed people here. And we're about to go into what may be the closest election most of us have seen since Bush V. Gore. This could get pretty crazy and while I know we all wish deeply that the bad two weeks of polling is the worst, we know it could get tighter still. And tomorrow's debate is going to be pretty white knuckle for many of us, wishing our President the best, knowing it is a crucial, crucial fight. But frankly even if we win or draw, it's the first of many in the next few remaining weeks.

This is an open question to Kossacks. I had my first bout of actual insomnia over the Election this last Saturday (not coincidentally it was during one of Romney's best polling days yet).

My question is: what tricks, what practices, what techniques do you all use to deal with the stress, the uncertainty and the sadness that is a part of all this - even a part of winning campaigns such as ours will be?

We need energy, we need focus, we need bravery, we need action -- but all of that doesn't just appear like magic.  And my suspicion is that the DailyKos community itself can be a resource of sorts for helping us all manage the natural flip side of all that. The flip side of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and minor depression, so we don't wallow in it, but push and work through it to the other side.

Those of you -- especially those who are old hands at campaigns -- what wisdom have you gained?

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