Romney's comment about single parents was offensive to me as a single dad.  The idea that a question about gun violence should turn into an answer berating children who are raised by single parents as sources of that violence was despicable.  I wish President Obama had said the line above!  I think it would have been a massive moment if he had said "Single parents doing their best by their kids are not the problem.  My mother was a single mom and I think her kid turned out a little differently than the stereotypical criminal you portray....."  Or something like that!

Of course, Obama is too classy to go there.  Or maybe he would have if he'd thought of it.  Who knows.... would have loved it, though!

I also wish he would have hit hard on Romney not releasing tax returns when Romney tried to flip his pension on him in that way.....

Not complaining, of course!  Go Obama!  Yes, he's back....... yes yes yes (we can).

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