two things are coming out of my Republican friends tonight - this is going to be their big whiney tomorrow, for sure

1.  According to shills like Michelle Malkin, CNN and Crowley are walking back the statements about Obama calling the Libya attacks a terrorist attack - the statement about Terror in this comments of the speech he gave weren't directed exactly at Bengazi, but were general statements - to which I say, whatever - you don't drop a general statement about terror in the middle of something that deliberately takes the lives of American Diplomats without referring to it as a terrorist act - they're going to harp on this one for a few days - trust me - Crowley was in the tank, Crowley backed off - I have seen nothing official so I'll wait to see on that however

my best advice - RTFA (transcript) - most rational humans wouldn't parse it like a lawyer's legal document  (I hope)

2. - Romney was robbed of 3 minutes - jesus they won't shut up about this one - Obama got 44 min, Romney got 41, and he did it AGAIN cause they did it in the first debate

just think - if Romney had gotten his 3 extra minutes, he could have explained the 5 trillion dollar magic math, gotten in his zingers, and turned the debate from an ass-whupping to a miracle comeback - if only he had gotten 3 more minutes of EQUAL TIME!

cause you know, that would give Mitt Romney 3 more minutes to not answer a questioner's question directly - ;)

favorite tweet of the night - from Arianna - Mitt went from AK-47's to out of wedlock mothers faster than that marathon time that Paul Ryan didn't run - (paraphrase)

My favorite debate moment, and the one time I thought Barack was angry (righteously) was when he scolded Mitt for politicking the deaths of those diplomats - Mitt deserved it -

you know it was a good debate when they come away whining - they know they took a drubbing  - heavy blows on both sides, but I think our side came out ahead tonight - be happy folks, he's fired up again

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