I'm asking because I've seen "binders full of women" on two occasions.

The first time was about 25 years ago, when I was playing in a band (I still do).  We booked a gig in a new club in town, without having been there at night.  It turned out that the place was what I would call a "buy me drinky" bar, that is, the place had a very large number of young Asian women dressed in tight, short dresses serving drinks.  In fact, there were far more of these women than customers.  Once we took our break, it seemed as if every one of them had come by and asked each of us if we wanted another drink.

On another break, I went to talk to the manager about how we were doing.  I found him outside looking through a book or magazine.  It was a newsprint book, and on each page there were 9 photos, each one of them of a young Asian woman in a dark, one piece bathing suit.  Below each picture was a short bio on the woman.  Apparently, that was the book from which he "ordered" new waitresses.  I didn't go into detail with him; it creeped me out and I kept the conversation steered towards the band.

Fast forward about 20 years, and I was practicing law, representing a strip club in a land use matter.  I had occasion to visit the manager, at his office, and as soon as I got there, I saw basically the same book open on his desk, only now it was in color on shiny paper, and had pages of blonde Russian women.

Upon reflection, I think Mitt Romney would probably make a good strip club operator.  He really reminded me of both the other guys I've seen with binders full of women.

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