Just a brief thought to get out there.

I listened this morning to John Kerry describing Mitt Romney as the closer who will say anything to close the deal, even if he does not know that much about it.

While that might be true of his business experience, I think there is a far more powerful meme.

Mitt Romney is a used-car salesman.

The used-car he is trying to sell you is the Bush economic plan, the idea that tax cuts magically create jobs.

He doesn't want you to look under the hood - he won't give details of his tax plan.

He won't give you the CarFax -  the data that shows that cutting taxes for the rich has never created jobs the way Republicans since Reagan have argued, and that the highest job creation correlates pretty well with higher taxes for the wealthy, taxes that both reduce deficit pressure and provide funds for the government to stimulate the economy.

One more thing -  he wants you only to look at the paint job, not the mechanical damage.  That is, he does not want you to realize that his definition of small business would include most hedge funds, because they dont have that many employees despite the billions of dollars they control.  And remember, by his rationale most of the various entities set up by Bain to avoid taxation would also qualify as small businesses.

Would you buy a used-car from Mitt Romney?

If not, why would you buy an economic plan?

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