Two presidential and one vice presidential debates are in the books and not one time has the vital question of climate change been raised.

Below the orange squiqqle are global warming questions (with answers) from The Union of Concerned Scientists with material that should be high on the list of presidential debate concerns.

The national political silence on global warming is deafening.

I look at this graph and wonder.  How can there be no concern?

These questions (with answers from the Union of Concerned Scientists) are found here

1. How do we know that humans are the major cause of global warming?
2. Why does CO2 get most of the attention when there are so many other heat-trapping gases (greenhouse gases)?
3. What is the latest climate science?
4. Does air pollution—specifically particulate matter (aerosols)—affect global warming?
5. How does the sun affect our climate?  
6. Is there a connection between the hole in the ozone layer and global warming?
7. What is the best source of scientific information on global warming?
8. Will responding to global warming be harmful to our economy?
9. What are the options for the vast stores of coal around the world?
10. Is global warming already happening?

What is not being talked about is louder than any dramatics erupting from the debate stage.

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