Disclaimer: A conservative friend of mine wanted to share this with the Kos community, so I agreed to post it as one of my own diaries. He's a good guy, severely conservative, though. He wants to be heard and understood by those on the other side of the isle since he does not think that Mitt is being the ambassador of severe conservatism that he promised to be in the Republican primaries.

By Heliosun (his name at Red State):

Once again, Mitt proves himself to be a fake severe conservative and a liar, making stuff up during the second presidential debate of 2012 about some binder full of women that he seemed to suggest he commissioned himself, so that he would have a pool of qualified female applicants for positions in his MA cabinet. Here is an interesting article titled "Mind the Binder" by David S. Bernstein providing the facts on Mitt'€™s €œbinder full of women:


Notable information from the article:

A bipartisan group of women in Massachusetts formed MassGAP to address the problem of few women in senior leadership positions in state government.
So MassGAP is actually responsible for putting together the binder, and the group does not seem at all to have done it specifically at Mitt's behest.


[A]ccording to MassGAP and MWPC, Romney did appoint 14 women out of his first 33 senior-level appointments, which is a reasonably impressive 42 percent. However, as [Bernstein] reported before, those were almost all to head departments and agencies that he didn'€™t care about and in some cases, that he quite specifically wanted to not really do anything. None of the senior positions Romney cared about€” -- budget, business development, etc. -- went to women.
And finally,
[A] UMass-Boston study found that the percentage of senior-level appointed positions held by women actually declined throughout the Romney administration, from 30.0% prior to his taking office, to 29.7% in July 2004, to 27.6% near the end of his term in November 2006. (It then began rapidly rising when Deval Patrick took office.)
Wow, the sheer volume of mendacity is hard to swallow. We are conservative Christians with morals and values. We don'€™t lie, no matter what. That'€™s what makes us the beacons on the hill that we are, what makes us the moral standard for all other cultures to emulate. It'€™s what makes our religion the only true one in the world.

Most importantly, authentically severe conservatives don't make lefty arguments for repugnant things like equal pay for women and increasing the number of women in the workplace. Our houses need kept in order; Our coupons need clipped and groceries need purchased; Our children need the guiding and loving hand of their mothers AT HOME; Our wives need to be there when we get home from a long day at the office dealing with the business things severely conservative men have to deal with; We need the soft touch and understanding ear of our selfless women AT HOME.

Rick Santorum, where are you?  We need you.

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