From Salon:

But that story turns out to be not quite true, according to veteran Boston Phoenix journalist David Bernstein. As Bernstein pointed out last night, what actually happened is that a bipartisan coalition of women’s groups came together to compile lists of eligible female candidates for office before the 2002 gubernatorial election had even occurred. Romney says he “went to a number of women’s groups”  and asked them for the binders, but the opposite is true — they went to him. Bernstein also notes that many of the senior-level women Romney hired were given control of departments and agencies that were not a priority for the governor, while there were almost zero women working on the budget or businesses development, areas that Romney cared more about.

I know it's nothing new to suggest that something Mitt Romney said has turned out to be false, but this line needs to be reinforced anytime it can.

Romney is a snake. He will lie and twist the truth to win. One thing you don't see President Obama doing is reinventing himself and his past for the electorate. He defends his records, he doesn't parse words on issues he's supported or was against.

He is who he presents himself to be. Meanwhile, his opponent is a shape shifter who's real self only appears behind closed doors with people of his own ilk.

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