I got this explanation of Obama Care from a friend via facebook. I think this is very telling about why America as a whole believes this is not a good thing and how it can be presented as a positive.

"Finally met someone who has read and understands Obamacare: a benefits consultant who advised us on bringing our wound management system to insurance companies (we currently work with Medicare.)

To my surprise, she said that Obamacare is all about accountability, and that it is already incentivizing insurance companies to find better ways to treat patients. Providers actually make more money if patients get better faster (and stay better – there are penalties to providers for re-admittance), and the law enables creative ways to incentivize patients to improve their own health.

Listening to her, I got the feeling that the government had actually done something right – and, while insurance premiums increased this year, the increase was far less than in the past.

She said the administration gets an “F” for explaining Obamacare, but that it’s a really innovative bill that will improve care and maybe save us from medical bankruptcy.

Anyone who thinks we don’t need better care might consider that insuring a family of four is now about $20,000 annually while the median household income is $50,000."


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