As I mentioned in a previous diary, Kathleen Parker's ridiculous comments about Joe Biden's smile had forced me to take to the keyboard and fire off an LTE on Sunday night. Normal turnaround time for my local fishwrap to print an LTE is about 7 business days. They gave me a confirmation call on Monday morning, and printed it on Wednesday. Excerpts are below the socialist tangerine beignet.

It was literally laughable to read Kathleen Parker's "critique" of "the inauthenticity" of Vice President Joe Biden's smile. ("Biden flunks sincerity test," Oct. 14).

Let's skip the fact that both Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan spent most of their respective debates wearing a smirk that would have made President George W. Bush's famed crooked grin seem palpably genuine.

(These excerpts do beg the question: Can I be hit with Fair Use if it's my work? Oh well, just in case I decide to sue myself...)
It wasn't Mr. Biden's smile that was "dismissive, rude, and unnecessarily condescending." That was Mr. Ryan, whose campaign staff had attempted to get moderator Martha Raddatz to call him "Mr. Ryan" rather than "Congressman Ryan" — the better to make people forget Mr. Ryan has been part of a Republican majority that not only helped create the deficit that President Barack Obama inherited but has worked tirelessly to make him a one-term president.
That's the most galling bit -- not just about rAYN (or even Robme), but about the whole Republican Party: If all of this is Obama's fault, and he created all this misery single-handedly, just where has the "Loyal Opposition" been the last four years? Are they admitting this is a "do-nothing Congress"? Or do they just not have the self-awareness (or the balls) to admit to the damage their actions have done, even "in the defense of liberty"? Oh, right -- can't use that quote anymore, because Barry Goldwater would be considered a RINO nowadays. Anyway, one more taste:
Ms. Parker's comment that Biden's smile was the smile of someone "stunned to hear such malarkey from his debate opponent" was true. And he wasn't the only one.
I'm not fond of the title they gave my letter; I thought mine was better, even though I can't remember it right now, with only two cups of coffee in me. Either way, I just wanted to share my attempt to inject a little bit of The Great Orange Satan into my hometown. Long may she wave!

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