I don't usually write diaries in immediate reaction to something I see on T.V.  I'm also not the type to yell at the tube when someone says something stupid.

Ron Christie, on The Ed Show, just caused be to yell, and so I write.

After telling us with a straight face that he thought that terrorism should not be a political issue, he opined that the Obama administration's failure to "tell the truth" about the Benghazi incident was "worse than Watergate."

For the youngsters in the crowd (and my 12 year old was sitting next to me at the time), let's review after the squiggle.

Watergate was a criminal conspiracy, led by the President of the United States, to commit frankly illegal acts and cover them up.  The conspiracy spanned years, involved multiple people at the highest levels of government, and led to the criminal convictions of high-ranking officials.

Benghazi was a terrorist attack, timed for the anniversary of The terrorist attack.  It also coincided, possibly coincidentally with spontaneous protests against a stupid movie.  It happened just over a month ago, so despite the best efforts of our govenmnent, we do not have a full understanding of the details, but the administration has been getting information out as fast as it can.

No, calling Benghazi worse than Watergate is not politicizing a tragedy.  Of course not.

Does saying that Ron Christie's statement made me think of Godwin's law mean that I am breaking Godwin's law?

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