By now you are aware that in an utterly surprising development, an employee of a firm hired by the Republicans to help with voter (suppression), ahem, registration, was arrested today GOP CONTRACTOR arrested for throwing away VIRGINIA voter registrations.

Colin Small, from Pennsylvania, who worked for a company called Pin Point, was arrested in Harrisonburg today and charged with throwing away voter registration forms.

However, it seems that this is the tip of the iceberg.  

PinPoint is most likely a spin off of Strategic Allied, Nathan Sproul's dirty tricks company.

In a lengthy article about the Republican's Voter Suppression Shadow Organization, The Brad Blog connected Pin Point Staffing with Nathan Sproul's company Strategic Allied in an episode in Florida.

In Florida, where the focus has been on the apparently fraudulent registration forms submitted around the state with changed addresses that could result in disenfranchised voters on November 6th, the Los Angeles Times interviewed the man who Strategic Allied has fingered as the worker who submitted the initial batch in question in Palm Beach County.

50-year old William T. Hazard of Boynton Beach maintains his innocence and says he never forged applications or even "wrote on any of the forms he collected." He says he left the firm over a pay dispute two weeks ago. Strategic Allied says the man was fired.

In any event, while saying he "did nothing wrong," he explained to the Times that he answered a Craigslist ad by a company called PinPoint Staffing seeking registered Republicans to do "voter surveys" for $12/hour.


Once again, it's the same ruse about taking a poll, rather than signing up folks to vote, in a fourth Strategic Allied state. That amounts to verified reports of the very same deceptive strategy used by registration workers in four of the five states where Sproul's company was working as the RNC's only voter registration outfit.

If this is the same company as the Pin Point for whom Colin Small, who was just arrested for voter fraud, worked then it is connected with Nathan Sproul's company, Strategic Allied.  

On the blue nc website it was reported on 10/5/12 that

Strategic Allied Consulting morphs into Issue Advocacy Partners
 Strategic Allied Consulting is Nathan Sproul's firm.
Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired and fired by the RNC for voter registation and GOTV efforts in North Carolina and other battleground states has quickly morphed into another entity called Issue Advocacy Partners operating similarly in at least Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New York and New Jersey according to a review of nationwide job listings.
So to hide the fact that it was in fact a spawn of Nathan Sproul's firm, it simply changed its name.  But it appears that Issue Advocacy Partners begat several other companies, including Pin Point.
Update #3, 10/11:
Issue Advocacy Partners has surfaced in Baton Rouge, LA on Craigslist: Market researchers wanted (Baton Rouge). Also in various swing states job listings continue for the same kinds of Republican outreach jobs in ads placed by Penmac Staffing, Marathon Staffing and PinPoint Staffing. PinPoint was the conduit for hiring of a Strategic Allied Consulting employee in Florida suspected of registration fraud.
Lee Fang of The Nation who has also been carefully following Republican dirty tricks in voter suppression, wrote on 9/26/12 that:
UPDATE: NBC News is reporting that the national Republican Party is cutting ties with Strategic Allied Partners. They've also confirmed that the company is run by Nathan Sproul. Sproul was hired for a multimillion dollar contract to recruit 4,000-5,000 people to help register Republican voters in swing states (at $12-$16/hr, according to the Craigslist posts we reported). Given the size of this contract, the abrupt way that the party dropped Sproul might raise some eyebrows. Maybe they were worried the Palm Beach incident wasn't isolated?
Well, Lee, obviously it is not an isolated incident.  And Sproul's lucrative contract with the Republican Party is alive and well and continues.

It appears that the Pin Point company that employed (I use the past tense because I dare say he is now fired,) Colin Small who was arrested today for voter suppression might very well be the same company that the Brad Blog and Lee Fang were writing about which is connected with Strategic Alliance.  The company that essentially is an offshoot of Nathan Sproul's empire of stealing elections.

We have to stop voter suppression and tampering with voting machines to win this election, because Oligarchy like NFL owners; won't give up in this Election!.

This latest 'catch' is clear evidence that their attempt to steal this election is alive and well.  As Thomas Jefferson said:

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Never more true than at election time.
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