What I don't like about the political climate right now is that it reminds me of 2000, when you voiced your opinion and were called crazy and unhinged.  The Republicans are reverting to the same old tactics.  It's painful to watch and feel.

I can argue my point, but I get tired of circular arguments.  "I know you are, but what am I?"  I can't keep doing that.  It's so pointless

This is disturbing to me.  You can't argue stupid.  And when people yell at you to share the facts to back up your opinion and you do, they call out your facts as wrong, even when they're from the CBO.  It's maddening.  My sources are usually pretty good.  

Does anyone have advice for how to counter the people who want to carry on nothing for ad nauseum/ad infinitum?

Because I need some advice.

Thank you.

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