Fearing a Socialist revolution, Wall Street billionaire Thomas Peterffy has decided to take out a $10 million ad buy, falsely smearing President Barack Obama and Democrats as Socialists who are out to destroy this country.

Hard times for billionaire Thomas Peterffy
Peterffy claims that he has had a miserable four years since our Socialist President was sworn into office. During this time, Peterffy’s net worth has only risen from $1.5 billion to $7.6 billion, making him very concerned about what socialism is doing to this country – tearing us apart, destroying our society, and killing our economy – as is clearly evident from the growth in his mass fortune over the last four years.

According to Peterffy, socialism has become so prevalent in American society that he doesn’t even like going to work anymore, “I used to be very active. I liked coming to work in the morning. But not anymore.”

Peterffy suggests that “badmouthing success” of American capitalists causes them to stop succeeding and paying the taxes that support the less fortunate.
Peterffy says that he envisions an America with "no hope, no freedom, no pride in achievement" if Socialist Obama is re-elected. America will become "poorer and poorer," because Peterffy is going to lose all desire to work.

Peterffy fearing an Obama-led Socialist revolution
So, fearing an Obama-led Socialist revolution, this billionaire will spend $10 million over the next 18 days falsely smearing President Obama as a Socialist who is out to destroy this country. Way to go Peterffy. Keep thinking of yourself as a great American. The truth is: you should be ashamed of yourself!

Why don't you get together with Donald Trump and Stephen 'Obama is a Nazi' Schwarzman? You three can talk about how our President is a secret Communist, Nazi, Kenyan, Socialist, Muslim who wasn't really born here.

Stay classy Peterffy - you poor oppressed billionaire.

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