IBD/TIPP just came out with a their 5 day tracker featuring 2 days of post-debate sampling and the POTUS has moved up by two from a tie yesterday:  Obama 46.5% | Romney 44.8%

Among many bullet points Obama cut into Romney’s lead among male voters to just 2 pts, down from a 5 pt deficit in two days.   Self identified "Conservatives" have declined from a 73% solid block to a 69% solid block, which may just be noise.  

O and R are deadlocked among those who identify as well off as well as catholics.

IBD/TIPP nicely includes a geographic breakdown so we can follow up on KOS' contention of the other day that the South is pulling down national numbers.   Unlike the outlying Gallup poll, this one did not show quite as wide a divide but it is consistant.

*Fixed, per Grubber:

Northeast O +15%
Midwest O +1%
South R +5%
West O +4%

I'm not sure how those numbers net us only a 2% lead but it cements the notion that Texappalachabama is "skewing" the nationals big time.   Since we seem to be holding tough it  North Floginia this means their is hope for the rest of the Union.

UPDATE: Can't seem to get the link feature to work (conspiracy) so heres the url:

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