Scott Brown should maybe have done what he accused Elizabeth Warren of and hired an actor to be in an ad. Because this guy ...

... has turned out to be a bit of a problem.
In a television advertisement running as recently this week, Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) reelection campaign featured a union construction worker whose publicly accessible Facebook page is riddled with insults against Brown's Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama.

On one post made in August, well before Brown's ad appeared, the worker, George Patriarca, calls Warren a "DOUCHEBAG." On another he labels the president a "faggot," and on a third he says, "there is a Muslim in the White House." [...]

Patriarca's views are available for perusal for anyone with a Facebook account, and from some of his posts, it is clear that he relishes his provocative online persona.

"I attended Brandeis," he says underneath one photo. "Jew U. Great school. the people, not so much. One thing I learned is that Jews have a persecution complex and they hate themselves. That is why I believe they vote for liberals."

When Brown made the accusation about the people appearing in Warren's ads, he contrasted them with his own supporters.
"A lot of them are paid," Brown said. "We hear that maybe they pay actors. Listen, you can get surrogates and go out and say your thing. We have regular people in our commercials. No one is paid. They are regular folks that reach out to us and say she is full of it."

Goal Thermometer

Maybe Brown should have gone with the paid actor option. Or maybe he should have gone with the people being paid to wear his campaign t-shirts. Of course, the people he does pay to hang around him sure aren't much to write home about on the whole not-being-racist-assholes front, either.

Brown sure does keep some awfully questionable company.

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