Well - aren't we an excitable bunch. So much so that because Gallup has a poll which is a clear and demonstrable outlier, we all leap at the first marginally coherent explanation we find.  At least - that is the only reason I can see for why JustbecauseI'monpoint's post has made it to the top of the rec list.

JustbecauseI'monpoint makes a connection between Gallup's weak polling on Obama - and a developing case against them by the Feds about overbilling, concluding that:

News organizations should cover this story and the inevitable conclusion that Gallup's huge misses on polling data were not mistakes but done on purpose to influence public opinion.
Of course - there is nothing remotely inevitable about drawing such a conclusion.  But not to be disabused of his fantasy, when called out on this fact by various commentators, JustbecauseI'monpoint doubles down by suggesting that those who disagree with him are the true conspirators:
The facts outweigh any CT. In fact I would state that anyone NOT connecting the dots, i.e., defrauding the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for revenue enhancement, and by extension defrauding the election process through nefarious means such as manipulation of poll data, is him/herself a CTer.
JustbecauseI'monpoint apparently does not know what "by extension" even means.  This kind of thinking is worthy of Jack Welch making a fool of himself for saying that Obama must have fixed the most recent Jobs report.  And let me see - I am a CTer because in not joining you - I enable the conspiracy to continue?  Wait - that would make me a conspirator - not a conspiracy theorist.  

Basically - the post is complete nonsense.  And JustbecauseI'monpoint is really - just not very smart.  Unless this is snark.  God - I hope its not snark.  Talk about being hoisted on ones own petard if it is -after having argued time and again that snark need not be labeled.  Hmmmmm. . . . . . .

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