Most people have strong opinions about abortion and it's role in the social fabric of America. The anti abortion movement and it's supporters including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have now resorted to assertions that an "embryo" constitutes a "person" and that therefore ALL abortions should be illegal. While it is true that Americans are not very sophisticated on subjects such as economics and political science, they are not so stupid as to believe that nonsense. An embryo is NOT a person nor does a woman who got pregnant five minutes ago constitute two different people. She does not suddenly count as two people! Not in her vote! Not on her tax return! Nor is she going to buy two plane tickets when she flies on an airliner! The idea is preposterous!

Beyond that is the fact that an embryo is not an fetus! So if people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are really interested in changing some of the laws concerning abortion they will have to restart the issue from a different standpoint. Perhaps discussions on ending a pregnancy after the second trimester might be a more logical place to start. But the "embryo" equals a "person" conservative view is pure nonsense. Next thing we will hear is that sperm constitutes life and therefore let's make masturbation illegal!  

Worse than all those things is the fact that the anti abortion movement is actually seeking to promote a society and a country that forces women to have children against their will. It denies the basic "free will" aspect of religiosity and forces women to bear children against their will. Most Americans do not accept that notion because they see forcing women to have children as worse than abortion. Unwanted children become the real problems for any society because they are often mistreated, abused, and often abandoned and even tortured and murdered. Conservatives appear to prefer that scheme to women having the right to choose and decide whether to have a child or not.

The idea of forcing women to bear children is truly sickening. Made worse by the fact that those to who seek to end abortion run around claiming to being "Christians"! It is a joke. Anyone who wonders why so many people have run far away from Christianity, this is a good example. Because those who claim to being Christians promote the most anti-Christian views found anywhere. They worship money, greed, and sexism to where they want to control women. They prefer governmental control of a woman's body! Some may want some form of conservatism in our social norms. But nobody is seeking a leader that will push us back to the 16th century! So Mr Romney and Mr Ryan should step out of their time travel machine and get real! An embryo is not a person! That is why we call it an embryo! Stop insulting the intelligence of the American people and come back to the 21st century!  

Originally posted to POLITICOSIS on Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 07:37 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice.

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