As I mentioned before in Memo#1

The U.S was sinking like a ship in 2007, the president stabilized the ship and now he’s ready to sail forward with a stronger and more productive country!

The Presidents accomplishments should be hammered on the campaign trail.

Record low inflation
Record low interest rates
A Stock market that is now at record heights above 13,000,
Creation of more jobs, regaining all the 2007-2010 losses
GM and Chrysler now make record profits
New highways, bridges, energy plants throughout the country
Tracking down and killing Osama Bin Laden
Higher car mileage standards
The near complete elimination of the top Al Qaeda leadership
The end of the Iraqi War
Ending of the reign of terror by the Dictator Kadafi, so that Libyans can now have freedom.
Now that we are entering the last two weeks of the campaign, it is time to make our final case to the American people.

Here is my strategy:

On the campaign trail, the President should be touring the swing states with individuals from each community that he stops in, who have directly benefited from the Presidents many accomplishments!

The 10-4 Plan:

Ten strong examples of change and accomplishments during the Obama presidency. The ten people should be on the stage beside the President, who should give a short comment on each and let them speak out about new possibilities because of the president.

1. A local highway construction worker who was employed by the stimulus

2. A local college student who is newly insured because of the Affordable Care Act

3. A local GM employee who benefited from the bailout

4. A local Iraqi veteran who is home again after the war has been declared over.

5. A family from New York who suffered in 9-11, who is relieved that Osama Bin Laden
     has been brought to justice.

6. A local family who was in foreclosure, but is now given a second chance

7. A local child or adult with a preexisting condition who is now covered.

8. A local Dream Act student who can now go to college

9. A local senior couple that can now get prescriptions because the donut hole has been

10. A local woman who has benefited from the equal pay for equal work bill

Then the President should promote an agenda to move the country forward. This is called: Moving Forward with Four.

1. Jobs Initiative: Include the previous goal of 100,000 new math/science teachers, but also pledge support for 1 million new jobs in the areas of energy and technology

2. Tax Reform: Make taxes simplified and easy for every American

3. Climate Change: Concrete steps to stop the warming that is hurting our environment.

4.Immigration Reform: Continue strong boarder security and create a pathway to citizen ship for the undocumented

All of the above points could be made into very effective and powerful commercials for the final two weeks!

One last recommendation:

Call out Mitt Romney as a empty suit who has flip flopped so many times that no one knows who he is! Recent examples this past week on both abortion and a constitutional amendment against gays and lesbians make the point very clear! Why the flip flop charge has not been repeatedly used against Romney is beyond belief

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