This is beyond disgusting. From Talking Points Memo:

Ronna Romney is the ex-sister-in-law of Mitt Romney. She’s apparently remained close to the Romney family. She has a minor role in the Romney campaign in Florida and has recently appeared at campaign events in Michigan with her daughter.

Earlier this afternoon she posted these grotesque images of the mangled body of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens with the words “Obama killed him” surrounded by dripping blood.

It is still up on her Facebook page here as of this posting.

Talking Points Memo re-posts a screen shot of her Facebook page that includes the montage that has Ambassador Stevens in it, but I will not.

This has become something of meme in Republican circles and it is the about the most despicable thing I can imagine someone doing to score political points.

It is completely outrageously disrespectful to the Stevens family and exploits an American tragedy to score cheap political points.

It is way, way out of bounds.

I certainly hope Mitt Romney shows the character to be embarrassed by this association.

Update: The post has disappeared from Ronna Romney's Facebook page. It will live in infamy forever on the internet however, including the screen shot still at Talking Points Memo.

Update 2: Can anyone recall a single Democrat posting gruesome photos from 9/11 saying, "Bush did this"?

Just asking.

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