I deleted my previous diary because I realized I am too ignorant on the subject to have written a diary on it.  It was a knee-jerk reaction to commercials for testosterone gel similar to Viagra commercials, and others, that seem to feature stereotypical images of maleness and portray the drug in a question as a way for men to be more like the men in those images.  Having two daughters of pre-pubescent age, the idea that a drug intended to allow men to meet the definition of maleness in those images, while possibly sending my daughters into puberty early just from casual contact with a male using the drug, inspired a reaction that was shallow and literally ignorant of many of the facts.

I will say that the warning doesn't say that it's a hypothetical situation,  but that children have shown signs of early puberty after coming into contact with those using the gel.  It has happened, to someone's child, with all the implications of what that means.  But, I shouldn't have attempted to comment on any aspect of that balance, overall, since I clearly don't know very many of the facts.

So........ sorry for the waste of time, and sorry for any offense.  Forgive or forget.... or both!  I will learn more about something before posting next time.  All the best......

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