NY Magazine by way of ABC News reports that Tagg Romney walked up to the stage at the third Presidential debate and apologized to President Obama for saying that he wanted to "take a swing" at him for saying his father, Mitt Romney, was not telling the truth during the second Presidential debate.

Much hand-shaking and conviviality between rivals followed Monday's final presidential debate, including a pat on the back and a whispered word into the ear of President Barack Obama from one Tagg Romney. Keen-eyed viewers suspected Mitt Romney's eldest son might be apologizing to the president for wanting to punch him. And so he was, it turns out. A Romney campaign official relayed to the Washington Post that Tagg Romney had told the president he was "just joking," and that the president had accepted the apology.

Here's the video of Tagg whispering his apology and the President accepting.

Below is a clip of the apology from a different angle. At the 0:13 mark, Michelle Obama appears to say to Tagg, "We appreciate you saying that. Thank you."

The entire interaction between the two families at the end of the third debate has been the most humanizing moment of Mitt and Ann for me.

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