The left still lacks a reliable voice in the mainstream media. While MSNBC no doubt has progressive pundits in its prime-time lineup, I wouldn't necessarily classify them as a reliably liberal network as Fox News is reliably conservative. Fox News is a mouthpiece for the GOP which is structured to propagate Republican propaganda at every level of its organization. It is owned by a neo-con who is vociferous about his support for the GOP. Compared to Fox News, MSNBC comes across as centrist.

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If you don't believe me visit msnbc.com right now and you'll see what I'm talking about. They have a glowing image of Romney campaigning before a crowd and their lead headline is: "Romney slams Obama's status quo campaign". MSNBC.com has been downright right leaning this election season. Their headlines are consistently pro-Romney or critical of Obama. On the other hand Fox News has been reliably pro-Republican on their website as they are pro-Republican on their channel.

The fact that MSNBC has a Republican leading their first show of the day; the fact that they fired their most popular and vocal liberal voice, Keith Olbermann, for doing something that Fox News pundits routinely do and get away with it - are clear signals that liberals and progressives should never get too comfortable with this network as they are still controlled by people who are not committed to the progressive cause as Fox News owners are committed to the conservative cause.  

So while it is good that we have pundits like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and Rachel Maddow, the left still lacks a reliable network in the mainstream media. Liberals simply cannot depend on MSNBC the way that conservatives can depend on Fox News. The internet blagosphere remains the only medium that allows liberals a true voice.

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