I haven't seen anyone post much in the ways of videos from gubernatorial races across the U.S. so I thought I'd take the time to at least provide some coverage of the 2012 Indiana Gubernatorial Race.  The race is really between Rep. Mike Pence (Republican) and Former House Speaker John Gregg (Democrat) but Libertarian Rupert Boneham is also in the race as well and apart of this debate.

Here's video of the second debate between the three candidates:

Right away, when Rep. Mike Pence is making his introduction, he is talking about the last eight years in Indiana being successful and how he plans on improving on the successes.  To my understanding, current Governor Mitch Daniels (aka first Director of Office of Budget and Management under President George W. Bush from January 2001 - June 2003) in 2005 was the first governor who enabled a voter registration law that required voters to show a government issued photo ID before they could be permitted to vote.  Of course, the ACLU and other civil rights organizations protested this law but it appears they lost the battle against the voter ID law (from Indiana Supreme Court to the U.S. Supreme Court).  Of course, Mike Pence doesn't really care about voter rights so naturally, he avoids bringing this up as a great achievement during the his introduction at the beginning of the debate.  He ends up talking about education, improving schools, which is a good thing to mention but really, voter ID laws nowadays are becoming big controversies across the U.S.

Then there's Democratic candidate John Gregg who said immediately in his opening statement:  "Good evening.  Ronald Reagan said the scariest words in the English language were, 'High, I'm from Washington.  I'm here to help."  Clearly this was an attack on Mike Pence because he has been a Congressman since 2001 and has now chosen to run for Governor of Indiana instead of seeking office in Congress or federal government.  Wait, Congressman Pence, if elected as Governor, might run as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency in 2016.  You never know!

It appears the Indiana Gubernatorial Race is giving Mike Pence a double digit lead and he has been leading in the polls in that aspect for months:


In the Indiana gubernatorial race, a new poll shows Republican Mike Pence leading Democrat John Gregg by an 18-point margin.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce released the survey Thursday showing that among 600 likely voters, Pence has 50 percent while Gregg is being backed by 32 percent in the fall election. Polling also shows Libertarian candidate Rupert Boneham with about 3 percent support, and that 15 percent of Hoosier voters are still undecided.

On the other hand, John Gregg appears to be undeterred by the large lead and goes down swinging in the debate:


A little more than halfway through the debate, a single working mother and full-time college student asked a question about what Gregg, Pence and Libertarian Rupert Boneham would do to help people who were in her situation — trying to better their lives and those of their children by making the transition from government support to self-sustaining lifestyles.

Pence answered the question by complimenting the woman’s courage, talking about his respect for single-parent families, promising to be aggressive in collecting child support and saying that his door as governor always would be open to people like her.

When Gregg got his turn, he shook his head. This was the moment he’s waited for — and he made the most of it.

He said that Pence might say nice things about the way he wanted to help the woman, but Gregg noted that Pence had proposed a Family Impact Statement for all Indiana legislation. That Family Impact Statement, Gregg said, was designed to aid and promote two-parent households as the proper family.

Gregg said that he, too, was a single parent.

“His family plan doesn’t consider me and my boys a family,” Gregg said.

It was the most telling moment in a debate that was more substantive than their previous engagement in Zionsville.

There's also a comparison between the differences of John Gregg vs. Mike Pence:


•    Healthcare policy:  
John Gregg wants to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.  
Mike Pence opposes Obama’s health care bill.
*Of course Mike Pence opposes Obama’s health care bill.  Why wouldn’t he?  He’s a cardboard, typical Republican in Congress.

•    Tax policy:    
John Gregg wants to eliminate corporate taxes on Indiana businesses and increase tax credits.    
Mike Pence supports the elimination of income and estate tax, to be replaced with 23% sales tax.
*Great, innovative tax ideas from Mike Pence.  NOT!

•    Stand on regulation of federal spending:    
John Gregg’s stance not clear.    
Mike Pence cosponsored the Spending Limit Amendment, which would limit federal spending to 1/5th of the American economy.
*In other words, Pence wants to control spending.

•    Stand on stimulus and bailouts:    
John Gregg’s stance is not clear.    
Mike Pence opposed Wall Street Bailout.
*Of course, Pence also voted against the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.  Typical “not living in the real world” Republican indeed.

•    Education policy:    
John Gregg wants to reemphasize vocational training and increase funding for education.    
Mike Pence opposes increased federal funding for education. Opposes national level testing.

•    Immigration policy:    
John Gregg’s stance not clear
Mike Pence opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and wants to increase border security.
*Typical right-wing talk coming from Pence.

•    Energy policy:    
John Gregg:  Supports investing in renewable energy sources.    
Mike Pence:  Supports increased offshore drilling. Opposes increased regulations on energy companies.
*Typical Republican in Congress.  Pro-oil industry, anti-environment.

•    Stand on Iran:    
John Gregg:  Stance not clear.
Mike Pence:  Supports economic sanctions.

•    Stand on Iraq:
John Gregg:  Stance not clear.  
Mike Pence:  Opposed removal of troops.
*This coming from a Congressman who once took a trip to visit Iraq with John McCain during the Bush years and said everything was looking up:


"I, too, find myself leaving my day at the market in Baghdad with a new sense of cautious optimism that freedom might just work for these people," said Pence.

Pence said he was deeply moved by his ability to "mix and mingle unfettered among ordinary Iraqis" and to have tea and haggle over the price of a rug. The Shorja market, he said, was "like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summer time."

    Keep up the good work Congressman Pence.  We're proud of you.  NOT!

•    Stand on gun control:
Both John Gregg and Mike Pence oppose increased gun control.

Anyway, I'm not a resident of Indiana and I really don't know what's going on statewide in terms of politics aside from a bit of national politics regarding the state.  However, I do find John Gregg's ads witty:

But this is my favorite, a brutal attack on Mike Pence's irrational support for the Tea Party and its misguided agenda:

Ok.  I know Mike Pence is ahead in the polls and has momentum on his side.

But wait, there's also this:

I wonder if Richard Mourdock's "Todd Akin-like" rape comments will affect the direction of the Indiana Gubernatorial race.  After all, John Gregg issued a statement on Mourdock's comments:


October 24, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS – John Gregg released the following statement Tuesday, in response to Richard Mourdock's comments in tonight's debate that "even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something God intended":

"I was shocked by Richard Mourdock's comments regarding survivors of rape.  Rape is rape, and statements like these rub salt in the wounds of sexual assault survivors everywhere."

"Unfortunately this extreme way of thinking has found its way into our political discourse more and more. Hoosiers have a choice in this election between honoring the Mitch Daniels truce on social issues, and the uncompromising, Pence-Mourdock Tea Party extremism on display tonight. Congressman Pence did not stand up when Mourdock attacked Richard Lugar in the primary and he did not take a stand against Todd Akin this fall."

Gregg's running mate Senator Vi Simpson said, "As a woman and a mother, I was appalled by Richard Mourdock's insensitive and incendiary comments tonight. Congressman Pence has stood with Mourdock on this issue before. As Election Day approaches, Hoosier voters deserve to know whether or not Congressman Pence shares Mourdock's extreme beliefs."

In the meantime, we might as well show some love for John Gregg's candidacy:

John Gregg for Governor



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