We had some friends over last night for pupus and drinks.  In any group setting on Maui the price of energy may come up and it did.  I was asked what we paid for electricity the previous month.  It was quite low compared to other bills which astonished our resident Republican.

I reminded him that we had installed photo voltaic panels some time ago which cut our bill in half.  The discussion turned towards PV systems and their cost.  I mentioned the US had placed tariffs on Chinese manufactured PV panels to give US companies a chance in the market.  The Repub stated that the President had put Chinese panels on the roof of every Federal building.  I asked if, in fact, the General Services Administration had done that through a low bidder process.  He replied, "Your talking out of both sides of your mouth."

Really?  I asked what that meant.  He couldn't explain.  This must be a new Fox come back whenever they have no rational point to make.


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