If this was reported, I missed it.  God knows there's enough crazy to go around inside the hermetically sealed, fact-proof conservative echo chamber.

If you've got a minute, get on over to http://bigvoicesmedia.com/....  Mike Gallagher and TEA Party Express held the fourth Presidential debate Tuesday night (who knew?), and Guess Who Won?  Hint: it wasn't even close.  Spoiler alert: it wasn't even real!  I wish DK had live-blogged this one.

Billed as the "We the People" Presidential Debate, the event starred Mitt Romney and Barack Obama weighing in on the most important issues of the day "in their own words".  Via a pastiche of video clips slathered onto a fever dream of gotcha questions and innuendo from Gallagher, the audience got to see what the real choice is in this election.  Clips went all the way back to the 90s, to give Barack an opportunity to be heard on redistribution and why we should ignore the Constitution.  Of course, Mitt's greatest hits won the day.

This well-publicized event epitomizes how far the Right will go to pitch its most vulnerable rubes out the Overton window.  It isn't enough to have lying candidates, half-wit media slugs, Godfather Limbaugh et al serve up the hate and the crazy 24/7.  Now let's present meta-spin in the form of a "real" virtual event totally devoid of even a passing resemblance to the truth.

If you take a few moments to watch, pay the most attention to the audience of this farce.  This is what we're up against.  This is a group of seemingly decent people who have been led so far down the rabbit hole that they actually respond emotionally to pure fiction.  On November 6, they're even going to vote based on the night's victory.

Will our country ever recover from this madness?

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