I've been busy ALL day today and apologize in advance as the event tonight is less than 30 minutes from starting but I could NOT hesitate to write this diary for the sake of more exposure to the Congressional race in California's 49th Congressional District.

For those of you who are in California or live in California's 49th Congressional District, the infamous Rep. Darrell Issa's challenger, Democratic candidate Jerry Tetalman, will be speaking tonight at the Community center in Encinitas in a town hall meeting format.  This means of course you have to opportuinty to ask Tetalman any questions.

For any of you who are pissed off beyond possibility over Darrell Issa's conduct at the Fast & Furious fiasco, the omission of Sandra Fluke speaking at the contraception hearing and the recent press release on Libya, now is your chance to vent your anger and frustration and allow Jerry Tetalman to address those concerns.

Jerry Tetalman is a 180 degree turn from Darrell Issa. He's got credentials that not even Darrell Issa had before he was elected to Congress: Long history of anti-war activism, active involvement in peace conferences across the world, a career in the healthcare industry (as a nurse), a successful career in real estate, a role as being a motivational speaker, etc.

On top of that, Tetalman is a nice guy, extremely intelligent and very knowledgeable about the facts, something VERY important that Congress needs right now as it's approval ratings are at a historic low thanks to House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican-led House of Would-Be Representatives.

Details are below:

Town Hall Meeting in Encinitas

October 25, 2012, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Event Length: 1 Hour

Free public forum. Meet Jerry, hear him speak, and ask questions of importance to you. Light refreshments served! Bring a friend.

Community Center
1140 Oakcrest Park Drive
Encinitas CA, 92024


For any of you who seriously want a real Democrat and a real progressive in the House of Representatives, why not campaign your guts out for Jerry Tetalman?  I've interviewed him and he addressed my questions, both soft and hardball, without hesitation and gave more thoughtful answers than most Democrats running for Congress (or even in Congress).

Second thing to point out, someone made a comment on one of my previous diaries that he contributed $25.00 to Jerry Tetalman's campaign and instead of getting a standard, automatic letter sent back to him saying "Thank you," he ended up getting an actual HAND WRITTEN letter back instead.  If this doesn't say anything about Jerry Tetalman vs. Darrell Issa, I really don't know what does.

Anyway, I know this is on such a short notice but I couldn't help it!  Gotta fire up the 49th District!  And of course, get Darrell Issa to make like a tree and get out of Congress.

For more information, here's are a few of my diaries:

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AND of course the other important information:

Jerry Tetalman for Congress Website:



Now you didn't hear this from me.  whispers

"California's 49th Congressional District is NOT Safe Republican."

How do I know this?  Because Jerry Tetalman told me and he's lived in the area since the late 1970's!

6:49 PM PT: FYI:  Sandra Fluke has OFFICIALLY endorsed Jerry Tetalman for Congress, even calling him an outstanding progressive!  A separate diary will be published soon regarding the details as far as the Planned Parenthood rally with Sandra Fluke and Jerry Tetalman speaking.  The rally is set to be at Balboa Park, San Diego, at noon time tomorrow!


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