In the ongoing "debate" about abortion there is one bit of phrase that tends to come up a lot. It is considered by many to be that rarest of creatures in this increasingly divisive climate, namely common ground. That phrase is "The Rape Exception". It is the idea that all people of good faith and basic decency can agree that regardless of what else you might think about the idea of abortion that certainly it can be agreed that it should be held as legally and freely available to women who have been impregnated due to sexual assault.

There's just one teeny tiny eensy weensy little bitty problem with that.

It is complete fucking bullshit.

What it really is, is the latest in a decades long habit of the Left begging for scraps from the Right. It is the most recent example of the gutlessness of far too many Liberals and Progressives. It is a sign that once again people are entirely too fucking stupid to see and accept the facts no matter how obvious they may be.

In a nutshell here is what the Right does. They take a brutally resolute position on an issue. In this case abortion. Their fundamental position is as follows... "NO". This should come as no surprise to anyone who is actually paying attention, because that is pretty much their position on everything. Equal Rights for LGBT persons? "NO". Meaningful regulations of businesses? "NO". I could go on but since I don't wish to end up throwing my computer or throwing up all over it I shan't. So they proclaim "NO", on abortion. And how does the Left respond? Is there an aggressive push back? Is the strong opposing stance of "YES", taken? Nope. Instead there's a lot of whining and begging and pleading and looking for "common ground". And to all this the Right responds, "Well maybe, maybe, well, uh... NO".

Meanwhile do you have any clue how fucking insulting the "Rape Exception" is? No? Well let me explain it to you.

What "Rape Exception" really translates as is, "You females are not fit to make decisions about your own bodies without a committee of men in suits giving their blessing. Unless you are raped. Then and only then will we give you leave to make a decision about your body and what is done with it. Are we not merciful?"

When people talk about the "divisive atmosphere" in this country today, they always make it sound as if it's a fact of life being c omitted by both the "Right" and the Left. But that's simply not true. The "Right" divides and the Left capitulates.

It needs to end and it needs to end now.

Now I'm not saying that we should take extreme stands on every single issue. There are a loooot of things that are not cut and dried or black and white.

But some things are.

Abortion is one of those things.

So long as the unborn child is within a woman's body it is subject to her total sovereignty over said body.


There should be no "Rape Exception" because there is no need for one. Because the very idea of an exception means that there are situations under which a woman should not have total sovereignty over her body. That is an idea that is simply not acceptable.

Now if you don't like abortion that's just fine. Work harder to make meaningful and useful education about sex and reproduction part of the curriculum instead of a bunch of abstinence only bullshit. Work harder to give women meaningful options in life besides being a man's sperm receptacle and brood animal. Work harder to ensure access to all forms of birth control for men and women from condoms, to pills, to surgical solutions for those who desire them.

But if you truly consider yourself a Liberal, then do not for even a second let the "Right" dictate terms. Stop whining and begging for their fetid scraps. When they start talking about this restriction or that restriction on a woman's right to exercise total sovereignty over her body look them right in their beady little eyes and say a word that should be well familiar to them considering how readily they say it. "NO".

Keep The Faith My Brothers And Sisters!

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