VOTE......Vote ...............Vote................We are in danger......When people like
Pat Robertson who has a TV show for the right wing nut jobs and Mitt Romney takes his money and people are upholding rape and encouraging BEATING WIVES....then
there is a very huge American Taliban problem here in the US and it will get worse if
these people take power over the people.   Telelevangelist Pat Robertson tells man to move to Saudia Arabia and beat his wife.

From Right Wing watch. org.

Mitt Romney this weekend stumped alongside televangelist Pat Robertson, not minding Robertson’s legacy of incendiary, insensitive, heartless and apocalyptic rhetoric that has gotten him in trouble in the past. Apparently, Robertson’s own CBN has become aware of Robertson’s problematic statements, and may even be editing his controversial claims out of episode archives.

Watch the video...

also make note that Romney met with Glen Beck and Dick Cheney at fundraiser.
Yeah, how about those family values Mitt?  

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