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Ok, the title is a little misleading but let me explain.  This ad that David Nir pointed out today in the Morning Election Digest today that Dr. Richard Carmona (D) has released is an awesome ad that features Senators John McCain (R) and retiring Senator Jon Kyl (R) endorsing Dr. Carmona for Surgeon General and in the Senate back in 2002.  It's a great ad that fights back against Tea Party Jeff Flake's misleading ad that features Carmona's old boss lying about he has a short temper and doesn't work well with women.  Check it out:

Of course McCain and Kyl are angry about this ad because both Senators have endorsed Flake but McCain said he won't take back his praise for Carmona:


McCain stood by his 2002 comments, when he said called Carmona "extraordinarily, perhaps uniquely qualified to address the needs of our nation."

"I am not taking back" the praise of Carmona, he said on the call.
He also said that he will not be asking Carmona to take down the ad, as he didn't expect Carmona to comply with such a request, and "I don't want to waste my time or my breath or my energy."

But he insisted that the comments he made then are irrelevant in the campaign today. - The Hill, 10/26/12

Thanks for only being half an asshole about this, John.  

This is a terrific ad that perfectly combats Flake's misleading ad and Carmona is aiming to end the campaign on a positive note.  He's hit Flake hard on issues ranging from uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, women's health and veterans affairs but he's also ran very positive ads whereas Flake has run a predominantly negative campaign.  This ad will help Dr. Carmona win and we need to help him keep it on the air.  Donate to Dr. Carmona's campaign and lets win this seat!

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