That guy is at it again. He has released his official UNSKEWED projection of the electoral college. It's not pretty. I wish I could tell you he was wrong but he wrote this:

This projection is expected to be spot-on accurate for predicting the outcome in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and close to the actual popular vote.
So that settles that I suppose.

Sorry I am delaying revealing the forecast but it's pretty bad and I'd like to break the news slowly and gently.

First, Obama is going to lose Ohio. And by lose I mean an 8-point butt kicking which that guy attributes to Romney's "great ground game" advantage. I thought OFA was pretty organized there but those 6 Romney offices must really be awesome.

Also, we're going to lose some all the other swing states. We lose Colorado by 9, Florida by 9, Iowa by 8, New Hampshire by 8, New Mexico by 7 and don't even get me started on Virginia and North Carolina.

Oh Virginia, what the hell is happening there? We're going to lose by 16! I thought Virginia was for lovers. And FU North Carolina! Romney by 20 ??!?!? Really? How could you!

Oh and the damage is not just limited to swing states. We're going to lose Connecticut by 4. I don't even know where Connecticut is and nobody told me to pay any attention to it! Fortunately we do squeak out Maine by decimal points so that's good. Thanks Maine! (Correction: we manage to hold CT by 4...whew!).

We lose Michigan by 3. Didn't see that coming either! And Minnesota, we somehow manage to lose it too. And that state McCain moved his whole campaign to 4 years ago, you know, Pennsylvania? We lose it by 6 this time!

And the coup de grĂ¢ce? OREGON! Bam! Can you believe it? We lose Oregon by 6!!!

The final red-blue map is below. It's ugly I know. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Final margin nationally:

Romney  54%
Obama   46%

Romney wins by 10-million votes.

Sad face.



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