NC President '12: Obama (D) 47.0% Romney (R) 44.0% (Oct. 24 - Grove Insight)

WI President '12: Obama (D) 48.0% Romney (R) 43.0% (Oct. 25 - Grove Insight)  

Just the latest round of a good polling day. More beyond the fold.

From the North Carolina poll:

President Obama Leads in North Carolina
 The race in North Carolina has begun to stabilize with Obama and Romney receiving the same as they did last week (47% to 44%).

 The President’s  lead can be attributed to a widening gender gap. Last week women gave Obama a six point advantage; this week the margin has grown to seven (50% to 43%). Romney is now up by one point among men (44% to 45%), whereas the race was tied several days ago..

 The typical generational divides can be found here with younger voters offering a double-digit lead to the President (52% to 40%) and Romney has the advantage with the over-50 crowd (42% to 48%).  Though it is worth noting that the President has picked up a little steam with voters 70+ -- his vote totals increased by seven points since last week’s track.

Obama wins Independent voters right now (49% Obama, 36% Romney), though he’s running behind among white Independents (38% to  44%).The difference is explained by Obama’s performance among African American Independents (77% to 9%).

 While Obama is more likely to be thought to “understand the struggles middle class families face” by a wide, 10-point margin, the difference between the two when it comes to steady leadership (+6) and trusted decision making (+4 Obama) are closer.  

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