Sometimes for a good guffaw and some bias checking/confirmation i go over to conservative blogs and read the comments sections. The half baked dictum of paranoid lunatics who are so scared of "Big Government" coming into their homes and taking their guns/religion/fetuses that they'll sell their soul to the corporately owned "fiscal conservatives" who have a problem with welfare but not Halliburton turning your ground water flammable. In the spirit of this tradition, i bring you what the conservative base actually believes.

The Obama campaigns released an ad with actress Lena Dunham, where she tells of her "first time" voting. And if anything will piss off the conservative base, its a white woman implying she wants to have sex with a black man. Obama's  video has caused quite a stir. CNN contributor Erick Erickson tweeted thoughtfully "We do live in a fallen, depraved world destined for the fire". A truer sentiment has never been expressed. In that, when gas companies hydrofracture the entire water basin, everything will be "the fire".

I like RedState. Its like the bizarro DailyKos where social progress is this horrifying idea and black feminists chip away out our god given white privilege everyday. Anyway, this  post caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, theres the killer opening line

There seems to be no low to which President Obama will sink in his desperate attempt to win reelection.  One has to wonder, is there any point at which the main stream media and the public get some self-respect and toss out this loser?
Yes! Why is the mainstream media pandering to this spineless socialist when Mitt Romney will pander to YOU. The female author knows this is an attempt to brainwash young female voters, because as a conservative woman, she has been brainwashed by men for years. She goes on to rail against Obama and Dunham.
Dunham, who was raised in a wealthy, over-sexualized household and who started therapy at age 7 must somewhat be forgiven for her role; she seems to have a thing for talking about her first time, the Obama administration was just happy to oblige.  The problem is, this is an adult man, with two young daughters, who should know better.
Yes, the Obama administration should know better says the women insulting another woman for going to therapy! How can he raise his daughters to be polite respectful women when hes out advocating "voting" and "Lily Ledbetter acts"?

She ends it with the killer closing:

He may not win reelection, but he most certainly has won the award for degrading what should be the highest office in the country.
"Two wars and the greatest intelligence failure IN US history? Whatever. A campaign ad that implies sex? OH MY GOD"

And now that the expert journalism is over, on to the comments!

Tattooed morons for MAObama: she fits in nicely with the other ads for BIG BRObama which feature angry, nervous, un- and dissatisfied post-menopausal women blaming Romney for promising to make Planned Parenthood a self-supporting foundation and thereby somehow stealing orgasms from every woman in America.
Right off the bat, perfect stereotypical conservative comment. Contorting names together, a dash of misogyny and a lie. Like a soup where the main ingredient is shit but the shit doesnt overpower the other flavors. Its just in there. sauteeing the facts with its bullshitty goodness.
Her inane babbling makes me wonder if someone just wound her up and let her go. It’s disturbing that so many of the American electorate is on the same intellectual level as her. Leftists never change. They always prey on the base emotions of the weak minded and unstable.
The left preys on the weak minded and unstable. Apparently im a loon for wanting women to get payed equally, have access to contraception, in turn driving down abortion rates and abortion should be legal because its a valid medical procedure and banning it will cause more deaths than "pro-lifers" can possible imagine. Wow, so much emotional bullshit in that sentence, amirite?
Just the latest salvo in the democrat war on women.

It looks like Democrats have finally reduced women to a crotch with a body behind it.

Two comments, same sentiment. Us "libruls" just wont quit with our "equality" and "not quantifying rape". Yes we think all women care about are their lady parts! Why wont we just let Republican men take away their rights and stuff, jesus.
Couldn’t they find a better spokeswoman than this? She looks like Rachel Maddow.
A double prizer! misogyny and homophobia! I call this "Fox News syndrome". You see, Republicans have trouble listening to women unless theyre conventionally attractive. Doesnt really matter whats up top if whats covering it doesnt look like it just stepped out of a miss America pageant. (E.X. Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Megyn Kelly, Ann Coulter, you get the point)
I don’t know, runner. Logical and rational thought is so alien to those on the left that the reality of the damage done to their movement escapes them. They’re just being petty.
I am petty. I make fun of the stupid shit the right says all the time. I make fun of the left too, but they do far less stupid shit so its hard, ya know? A treatise on logic from someone who believes government intervention is bad, unless the gays are involved, then we gotta cockblock those agenda spreaders by whatever means necessary.
You notice how the liberal media LOVES to talk about Obama’s advantage with women (which is diminishing if not completely gone) but are strangely uninterested in Romney’s huge advantage with men?

You know, I don’t think I’ve seen a single article analyzing why Obama is so far behind with male voters.

Yes, it turns out a lot of white guys REALLY want Mitt Romney to win. But the fucking Liberal Media wont cover it because wanting to keep the white house white isnt "PC" enough for them.
With his sexul background, there is a 100% chance that he was not trying to get the message to just young girls – young boys are probably just as much in the scope.
And lets go with this asshole tin hatter to finish it out. Yes, Obama is a GAY. And all gays are PEDOPHILES. Hes not implying the President of the United States is a homosexual pedophile, hes outright saying it.

Well, im gonna go reject some bile, see you guys later!

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