However, the press keeps telling me that Romney is way ahead on the popular vote and closing the gap on the electoral vote.

Since I do not know a single person who wants to abolish Medicare, I must assume either

1) the pollsters are full of it, or

2) people do not know that Romney/Ryan plan to eliminate Medicare.

Now, if the pollsters are lying, this means that Team Romney plans to use its connections within the E-voting industry to hack the vote. Because the only way that lying helps Romney is if it makes a steal seem more plausible. In which case, we need to insist upon paper ballots in all battleground states.

If the second possibility is true, then what the hell are our nation’s reporters doing? The number one issue that defines the two candidates is Medicare. Not rape. Not race. Not which celebrities support which candidate. Every voter who has ever heard the name Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan should know that these two plan to dismantle the healthcare program on which our seniors and disabled depend for their lives.  Every American who plans to vote for this pair should know that he or she is casting a vote to strip Grandma of her healthcare.  The only people willing to vote for them should be the type who believe in ice floes for those who cannot pull their own weight.

So, which is it America? Do you begrudge your father his blood pressure medication? Are you looking forward to dying young and making a good looking corpse? Do you even know the policies of the men for whom you are voting?

And members of the press, when you shove that microphone in Mitt Romney's face, why is it only to ask his opinion of rape? Of course he is against rape. Why don't you ask him what he thinks about the Paul Ryan plan for Medicare? Do the nation's reporters plan to never grow old? Are they willing to kiss their parents and grandparents good bye?

Those who care about the health of our most vulnerable citizens have an obligation to speak out. Let the rest of the country know what is being planned. Make sure that no one goes to the polls early or on election day without understanding  the stakes. Because once they abolish Medicare it will be too late. We will never get it back.

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