Front page at CNN, titled "Obama, Romney reverse roles as election looms". Key passage:

It also means increasingly caustic attacks on Romney, including his reference to the former Massachusetts governor as a "bullshitter" in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine to be published after the election.

Romney, meanwhile, tries to exude the air of a president-to-be, continuing his campaign's constant assault on Obama's presidency but presenting himself as above the fray of political mudslinging.


President Barack Obama insists he's ahead but is running like the underdog, adopting a street-fighting posture and campaigning himself hoarse across the country. Republican challenger Mitt Romney seeks to make his election seem inevitable and calls Obama's campaign desperate.

A role reversal by the candidates that occurred over the course of the three presidential debates is continuing in the final stage of the race, portending frenzied politicking until voters deliver the verdict on November 6.

There you have it. CNN admitted they are going to continue promoting Romney as "presidential", "above the fray" and having the momentum until election day.


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