Greetings from Frederick County Maryland. It is humid here and about 70 and the leaves are colorful and some of them have hit the ground. At about 4PM EDT my oldest and I went to vote at 1440 Taney Ave. in Frederick. The lines were out the building and they had 24 voting machines. We had our sample ballots filled out.

The man in line in front of us remarked that he had been at the poll at 10AM when it opened and it was mobbed, so he came back later. We had about a 20 minute wait until we could get to the intake person. As luck would have it, I knew my intake person because she is the girlfriend of a friend of mine and my husband's. I was asked for my address and DOB anyway and got my plastic card and voted in about a minute.

Afterward we headed over to Vocelli's and bought some pizzas.

My husband was napping and middle took off to go clubbing in DC so they didn't vote today. I will make them, at some point, vote. Generally we wait until election day and all go together but I wanted to vote 2 weeks ago and then there is the "Frankenstorm" threatening our electricities. When I vote on election day it is usually a 5 minute affair with very few people. It's been a long time since I've been in a throng of voters. It was fun.

We had our own version of the Dream Act, and a referendum on Marriage Equality even though the legislature passed it already, and a gambling expansion question.

Go Early Vote!!

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