Got a couple calls today from a 919 area code, but it clearly was a personal number and the caller ID said, "wireless call". So the second time I saw the number I answered. I thought I recognized the area code as coming from North Carolina, Wilmington I think which is roughly my old stomping grounds prior to moving west. Pollster was reminding me to vote or something. With my hearing loss, I use captions on the telephone and only half read his spiel before interrupting with "I already voted."

He continued, apparently missing my comment. I said it again. "I already voted."

This time it sank in and he then asked, "Do you mind telling me who you voted for."

Now don't ask me why I got snippy and said, "Yes I do." I mean I've been very vocal about voting for Obama here, on Facebook, to anyone who would ask, a few random strangers and even my cat has gotten a few good "Vote Obamas!" It's gotten so bad I've been defriended by some people on FB who don't want to read my politics, but I do think I've made a small impact as people who were apparently undecided a few months ago are now firmly in Obama's camp. Not sure how much my ranting, prolific posting, sharing of diaries from DK and other sites, reposting of pictures, columns, etc. from other like-minded FB friends and even the diaries I've written and shared here have mattered, but they are voting the way I would like so in the end it doesn't really matter. After all, it's not about me.

But... I digress...

A few minutes after I hang up on the pollster, I figured out it was silly not to have answered the question, so I tried calling back. How often do you get to call a pollster anyway? He's probably phone banking for one organization or another and his phone sent me straight to voice mail so I hung up, but the out-going message talked about they were doing a GOTV for North Carolina (which confirmed my nagging feeling about the area code).

Still, now I live in California and NO ONE polls California, because it's pretty silly. I mean I could have written in Mickey Mouse or Markos Moulitsas and it just wouldn't matter a bit. Obama's gonna win this state by double digits. I actually thought briefly about writing in Jill Stein but I'm bound a determined to see this through. "Straight party D until there's no GOP" has been my slogan for close to 20 years now and I'm sticking to it.

Still the whole thing struck me as funny. I'm getting polled in California from some guy doing GOTV in North Carolina because when the last POTUS election happened that's where I lived. And yes, I was one of those deciding votes in NC, and yes as a white male in his 40's that definitely makes me a rare bird.

In conclusion, just in case I was rude to someone who reads/posts at DK, I apologize. If you have a cell phone with a 919 area code and some guy you called with a 408 area code and a humorous last name snapped at you, don't take it personal, you were polling the wrong state anyway. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

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