I volunteered both days this weekend at OFA office in New Orleans. I witnessed a steady stream of volunteers Saturday and Sunday. Everyone was excited about the opportunity to aid in the effort to reelect President Obama. The group of folks was the typical New Orleans' gumbo with the most heartening aspect being all of the high school age people there. Several young men and women in that age group were clearly regulars at OFA NO.

One young man was asked during a call if he could vote yet and he replied, "No, but I want to do my part for this President."

More after the pumpkin squiggle...

I got a bit misty with pride several times witnessing the devotion and enthusiasm of these future voters who are already making their presence felt in the political process in 2012.

I made calls from home for President Obama in 2008. I wish I'd gone sooner to meet and work with fellow Obama supporters. If you can spare even a few hours, definitely volunteer especially at an OFA office in your area. I will be back to OFA NO over the next nine days helping out as much as I can!

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